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This selection of 13 math posters has been designed primarily for senior math levels. This includes Maths Methods from the Victorian (Australia) schools curriculum. However, a number of these posters will also be of interest to students in junior and middle levels. A fourteenth poster contains postcard size images of 12 posters. This is designed for personal copies of the posters, and is an ideal learning resource for students.

The Posters combine mathematical formulae with artistically stimulating images. Hidden artefacts throughout the images provide an alternative level of stimulus to students of all levels.

The posters are not intended as a direct teaching aid, but as a peripheral learning tool. Students will become familiar with the content even when they are not directly learning the topic displayed. Junior students, knowing the posters are provided for senior levels, gain confidence in seeing formulae they are currently studying are also used in later years.

Each poster is approximately 49 x 69 cm (19.25" x 27.2") in size and printed on glossy card in rich colours. The posters may be purchased on-line or by sending an order via conventional mail.

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